Neptune CCD camera system

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  • deepseadiver
    • Aug 2008
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    Neptune CCD camera system

    Question David M, and Mike C, you should be able to help me out on this one and please anyone else with suggestion would be great ! Does the ccd camera system, that can be purchases on the side, does it come with something that seals up the hole that is made after placing the camera, inside the front end of submarine, after removing the cap for the camera leeds to come out of please explain. I need to know what im buying and im trying to plan it out.
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  • H2Ohaze
    Lieutenant Commander
    • Jul 2011
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    TT part # PJ6181

    It gives you the cable pass thru connection. Installs a coaxial port on top where you now have a hole. Also gives you a screw on cap that screws down on top of the coax port when no external cable is connected to it.

    It's watertight with external cable, you don't always have to have outside cable attached to still be waterproof, and you can go back to stock anytime.