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FT06-A Transmitter Getting Hot?

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  • FT06-A Transmitter Getting Hot?

    I was testing the SD's servos and laid the transmitter on its back for a moment while I checked the servos, but left on. I noticed after several minutes that the face plate was getting hot, not burning or melting, just very warm to the touch. It was hotter around the right side of the crystal near the red letters "FT06-A". I have never experienced this with my other transmitters.

    Any thoughts????

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    That's were the RF board is, likely a heat-sink for the last stage of modulation-amplification of the signal. Normal. Don't sweat it.

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      Thanks. Also note that the antenna was collapsed. Someone mentioned that is part of the problem.



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        Originally posted by Avera View Post
        Also note that the antenna was collapsed.
        That was going to be my question. When the antenna is down the energy that would go into the antenna and out into the air never actually leaves the box and instead gets turned into heat. This won't hurt your TX for short periods, but try not to do it for any longer than necessary.
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          Well if they heatsink the output transistor, it's more than Futaba could be bothered to do with my FC16. I noticed even with the aerial up it ran hotter than I thought was acceptable, so I made a clip on heatsink out of a bit of copper sheet, which helps things a lot.
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