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  • rc ted
    • Feb 2011
    • 4

    I tried the Robot Market Place but the sent me an e-mail that they are out of stock and didn't know when they might have the crystals. Caliber Hobby said they have channel 69 crystals but it appears all they have are the transmitter crystals. I ordered a Lepton 6 receiver from Caswell, but they sent me a 72Mhz receiver and my Wfly transmitter is 75Mhz. Does anyone know if this receiver will work with my transmitter even though it says 72Mhz? I don't know why I would be sent a aircraft frequency for a sub. Any suggestions? Ted


    • KevinMc
      • Feb 2009
      • 305

      Hi Ted,

      I'm sorry to have led you to a dead-end on that one - I hope Robot MarketPlace updates their website with what they actually have stock on. With the climate for RC equipment being what it is right now if it's not "in stock" I wouldn't count on it ever coming back in stock.

      As far as I know there is only ever was one version of the Lepton 6 which covered both 72MHz and 75MHz bands - you just plug in the crystal you need. You might check to see what other 75MHz crystals you can get for the Wfly transmitter, then go back to Robot MarketPlace to see if they have an Rx crystal to match.

      Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
      KMc Designs