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  • Albion
    • Dec 2008
    • 651

    SL-8 pairing

    Hadnít used this for a while so wasnít too surprised I had to pair it with my receiver. Took a while but on the third power up it connected, two day later itís not connnected and had to go through the pairing protocol, this time it wouldnít connect. I got to admit that it seems I need to pair it almost every time I use this receiver. Any suggestions? Iím using a Futaba 6EAXP Tx
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  • He Who Shall Not Be Named
    • Aug 2008
    • 12402

    I've used many (and continue to use) SL-8's. But one did just what yours does: does not remember the channel assignment and has to be matched every time I power up -- useless! Have you tried technical support? I think he's out of the r/c game but still does business. Give it a shot.

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