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Help no reverse Viper micro 10

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  • Help no reverse Viper micro 10

    As I slowly put my type 7 together (sub-driver electronics portion) I have gotten the radio and devices working but the motors will only go in one direction. I think forward. I have found instructions on the net for fine tuning/set-up. but I cannot get the esc to go into that mode. when holding the set-up for one second nothing happens.

    any guidance would be appreciated.

  • #2
    Steve of Mtronics says --

    Hi Mike.

    Sounds strange. It shouldn't be a unit with a reverse-off option, we haven't
    made any like that for a long time. His 'holding the button for a second'
    puzzles me - it only needs a quick press during the power-up-LED-flickering
    window to enter setup mode - which I suspect is where the customer needs to

    Also, try reversing the motor's polarity to make sure it isn't one with
    deranged timing that prevents it running in one direction.

    Best regards, Steve.
    Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!


    • #3
      I have attempted to perform the set-up with a quick test during the flashing of both the red and green. works fine except when I move the stick to reverse all I get is a red led.

      I have tried other radios(to test) with it and I get the same thing.

      Also not sure what you mean when you say deranged timing.

      I have had several ESC's and never experienced something like this.

      Is it possible that the ESC is defective ?

      Auburn, WA USA


      • #4
        What they mean by deranged timing is for the motor not the esc. You may simply have a bung can which though rare can happen. Since you have tried other radios then it's not a trim switch or EPA adjustment issue my next action would be to disconnect the motor from the esc and connect it to a battery with alligator clips so you can swap the polarity to see what it does. If it only spins one direction regardless of polarity then your can is buggered.

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        But to dream is a reality


        • #5
          Thanks for the reply.

          I had read in some detail about the EPA's and ruled those out. I did disconnect the motors from the speed control, then reversed the polarity and the motors worked (turning in the opposite direction yet now won't go the other direction.

          I am thinking that my ESC is defective. I got the same conditions as I mentioned before on the ESC (red light only) when x-miter stick opposite direction.

          I also tried several different channels on the radio all with the same result.