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What paint is best?

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  • What paint is best?

    Im just wondering what paint i best used for painting my rc gato sub?

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    A good primer is a start. What type you use is guided by what you know and can use or if you aren't sure do some serious research on what others use. If you don't have an airbrush and can spray in a well ventilated area then there are many types of spray cans out there. Brands like 3m, Tamiya and Krylon are good ones. Myself I use the auto primer fillers from a rattle can, 3M is my preferred brand, with sanding and filling between coats and then a straight auto primer to finish of the base coat. I should stress don't go for the cheaper budget ones as I have found these a little to high in solvents. If you decide on rattle cans the try also to stick with the same brand as different solvents can play merry hell with each other resulting in orange peel, crazing, mud caking and can even cause the previous paint to fry up and end up looking like a layer of scrunched metal foil. Your decision on primers and top coats should be considered with how often you plan to sail, what the water quality is like, is it a chlorinated pool etc. Enamels and lacquers are the most ideal if you a really worried about the effect of osmosis between the water and the paint. For my top and final coats I use mostly water based hobby paints through my airbrush which are then over coated in at least two coats of a good quality gloss from a rattle can and then I bring that down with several applications of dull-coat with my airbrush. But only after the clear has dried over a couple of days to make sure all the solvents have risen out. The same is for the top coats I use in that I let the primers fully cure and dry before they are over coated.

    Hope this helps...

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