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My second type VII build

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  • My second type VII build

    This is my second type VIIC/41. This sub got the Caswell fittings kit.

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    Very good! How about a critique of the fittings kit? Use the sharp knife -- I can't improve things if I don't know what's wrong with 'em.

    Do it now, while the horrors are still fresh in your mind. And don't deliver it in an apologetic tone either; give me the Joe Friday version.

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      I wish I could say something that would improve the kit but I canít. The kit is perfect for the Revell type VII C.
      My new type VII C/41 is the Atlantic version which has a different conning tower than the ĎWolf packí model. The fitting for the conning tower aft magnet didnít fit. Of course thereís always CA and baking soda, which as you can see in the attached picture I used. This being my second type VII RC sub I didnít really have any problems like the first sub. This sub did have a warped right hull side. That hosed up the matting of the stern. There is also still a warp at the stern. Iím going to have bow dive planes in this sub which the kit serviced well.

      The kit made the installation of the rc stuff very easy. Rudders super easy compared to the last effort I made. Stern planes maybe off setting the hole in the adjustable white metal to get more through in the dive position?

      One of the cabal reports didnít open when I tried of get in it. Check it out.
      Installing the D&E Fittings Kit Dive Planes and Props

      Iíve got another fittings kit coming for the first sub I built which I aim to rebuild with the kit.

      The only thing I could add that would make the fittings kit better might be a four torpedo launch system and 200 replacement torpedoís.

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        Originally posted by pjdog View Post

        One of the cabal reports didnít open when I tried of get in it. Check it out.
        Installing the D&E Fittings Kit Dive Planes and Props

        Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!


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          go to David Merriman's Cabal Reports Etc
          Read David Merriman's Cabal Reports Here.

          then Installing the D&E Fittings Kit Dive Planes and Props

          then Dive Planes and Props

          That link is a blank page on my box.