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    Hello, I am pleased to come out and congratulate all their magnificent work and for this very nice forum.

    Let me introduce myself: My name is Franco and I live in Neuquen, Argentina, I decided to give to a friend loq ue is one of the dreams of his life, a RC submarine, and I decided to let the Cat 1 / 72 scale Revell to this, on ebay, the seller RC-SUBWORKSHOP, I have prepared what he considers everything needed for conversion, I have recommended it to air pump system, I thought it was better to pump water, but he said for security, is better with the air pump. It happens to be my first time and really do not know about this issue and if they were so gentle you can give me a diagram of how you build the WTC and order all things within himself, know excuse my lack of knowledge, but I have a thousand questions for example, as that is dipped using an air pump?? As the air pump works with the bag to submerge the submarine and tambein as working to bring the submarine back to the surface, or doubts as a water-cooled ESC and I wonder if it is necessary that this is in contact with water and if there is no risk of a short circuit or that the ESC was burned by being in contact with water.
    For immersion Siteman has provided me with an air pump, a pressure bag, a solenoid valve and a SUB - ESC2, but not know how to connect all that, or if all should go together in a compartment, or if the bag pressure must be isolated in another compartment.

    Next we will copy the list of everything I've bought so that, if they could help seeing this list, do some diagram like having all the elements to assemble the kit.

    Radio KENY 7 Channel ( 72 mhz )

    RC Submarine & boats ~ FM 35.050MHz Crystal "1"pair*(Tx & Rx )

    Revell 1/72 USS GATO Submarine

    End cap 70mm OD "1pair"

    Mark II End Caps 70mm OD "1pair"

    Acrylic Basic Pressure Hulls 700mm-long 70mm x 66mm

    Outrunner Brushless Motor KV1000 DC10v ~16v x 2pcs

    Motor shaft seal set - ID"4"mm Type "S" x 2pcs

    Water cooling 30A Brushless ESC x 2pcs

    Aostar 9gram Servo "1"pair x 2pcs

    Rubber Bellow + Copper Tube x 2pcs

    Universal joints 3mm x 3mm x 2pcs

    Propeller Shaft M3 x 2pcs

    1/72 USS GATO Submarine propellers “L + R” x 1p

    Air pump DC 6v-12v x 1p

    MINI Solenoid valve "L" DC" 6v -24v" x 1p

    Two Tube Ballast Tank Liner 215mmx110mm x 1p

    SUB ES2 Electronic Switch x 1p

    Micro Switch - "M" x 2pcs

    Diode 6A10 MIC “3”pair x 1p

    3.5mm Gold Bullets 100A 6M + 6F "3"pair x 2pcs

    Heat shrink OD "4"mm (Black & Red 600mm long) x 2pcs

    Servo Lead M - Long 290mm x 4pcs

    2.5mm 16AWG Silicone Wire "Black" x 2pcs

    2.5mm 16AWG Silicone Wire "Red" x 2pcs

    T-plug 80A Red ~ "5"pair ( =10) x 1p

    R/C Boat Adhesive Balance Weight 120g x10pcs

    and i also buy this two items , one for security : Failsafe x 1 Servo ( It,s a simple failsafe used in re car or boats )

    And 1 Gyro KDS 800 ( 1 Axis tail Gyro ) ( As common used in RC Helicopters ) Thats is for , correct the angle of submarine.

    honestly, if someone could elaborate any graphic or Building diagram , that I would be very useful, I do for my best friend and obviously I'll be helping you every step of the construction.

    We were both very passionate about all this, but we have absolutely no knowledge.

    I send you all a big hello and a big hug.


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    Welcome Francoke. the best way to get started is to continue reading this forum and all the builders threads. especially the ones about building the Revell Gato, like the one you purchased. also , follow the link I am going to give you and call them up and order the DVD set on building the Revell Gato by Dave Merriman. These two things you should do first before you get started.


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      Hola Franco,
      Mi nombre es Alberto, vivo en Canadá. Ví tu mensaje aquí me uní a este foro y así poder conversar. Yo armé un submarino alemán 1/72 de Revell meses atrás para inmersión dinámica, sin tanques de lastre; contruí lo que en este ámbito le dicen "casco seco", donde los componentes NO estan dentro de un tubo resistente al agua, pero fué frustrante debido exáctamente al problema de como lograr impermeabilidad. Lo que has hecho (optar por un WTC), es lo mejor. A propósito, he comprado partes a RC-subworkshop y te puedo decir que son gente muy seria; nunca ha tenido problemas. Siempre han mandado todo completo, en buen estado y rápido. Me he comunicado con ellos para hacer preguntas y respondieron cordialmente también.
      Escríbeme a facebook si deseas. Estoy como Alberto Bassi...saldrán varios pero soy el de "Georgian College - Orillia". Abrazos.


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        Thank you for your post, however, here we speak English -nothing else. If you want to post here, please use to provide your post to us in the English language.

        For your convenience, I have used google to translate for you this time-------

        Hello Franco,
        My name is Alberto, I live in Canada. I saw your post here I joined this forum so we can talk. I plucked a German submarine 1 / 72 Revell months ago to dive dynamics, without ballast tanks; contruí in this area that say "dry town" where the components are not in a waterproof tube, but it was frustrating exactly because the problem of how to achieve waterproofing. What you did (choose one WTC), is best. By the way, I bought parts for RC-subworkshop and I can tell you are very serious people, never had any problems. They have always commanded the entire whole, in good condition and fast. I have contacted them to ask and answer questions kindly too.
        Write me to facebook if you wish. I like Alberto Bassi ... but I will number the "Georgian College - Orillia." Hugs.
        Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!


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          Dear Kazzer,

          Thank you for the clarification on the language to be used.

          I would like to mention however, that I went through the rules of the forum, and I could not find (so far) a mention on the by-default-language which must be used. If I may suggest, for future reference to members who speak more than one language, this should be clearly stated to avoid this sort of impasse. I would like to mention as well that if I wrote in Spanish, it was not with the intention to exclude anyone from my message but only to communicate with Franco -as a courtesy- in a common, native language to both of us.