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  • Thorbrandr
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    Originally posted by Subculture
    There are actually a good few submarine kits on the market that a relatively inexpensive, e.g. under £/$150. They're small and dynamic divers, but hobby grade. They also come with a large amount of prefabrication e.g. cnc and 3d printed parts. These are much easier than the kits of old and a dynamic diver presents less issues than boats with ballast systems.

    So cost and accessibility isn't a barrier to entry IMO.
    I hear this, and after a year or two in the hobby I can see where this may be possible IF you know where to look, and know how to modify kits. About 7 years ago when I really wanted to get my feet wet in this hobby, I could find NOTHING online that indicated this was really realistic. Lots of forum discussions pointing to old out of date radios, boutique suppliers for WTCs, kit conversions, etc, but no place to go to purchase. Can you write up a sticky that makes all these clear and and a how to for people who are looking to get into the hobby?

    Just to be clear, tI agree the buy in cost is not out of line with a lot of other hobbies, but it is much higher than RC aircraft these days and much more obscure. About the same time I looked for subs, I ended going with a RTR 1.3m aircraft. It was much easier to get into that. Went to store, dropped $350 including radio, brought it home and had it up in the air the next day.

    Oh, and decided subs are more fun and have bought in there. One running, a few in built, one in design....
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    • Subculture
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      You don't need to modify any kits, and they come with good instructions. I'm cautious of posting links to competitors- this is a free forum but funded by a business.

      If you're hoping for big companies to swing in to this hobby, you'll probably be disappointed. Some have had a go in the past, the largest and best was probably Thunder Tiger with the Neptune, but it's long out of production. The sales volume just isn't there.

      Lots of how tos already out there. Several books, lots of other publications, plus hours of youtube vids. Sure you have to look for it, but google has been around for 25 years now. It was a lot more difficult back in the 'good old days'.