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Consider this-Diving 2.4Ghz

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  • Consider this-Diving 2.4Ghz

    4.2V of pure Kraut power

    3890 miles from you in

    "... Instead place a satellite receiver on the float - preferable siliconed to make it water tight of course - and connect it to the sub by Sbus or serial PPM, so only 3 wires are needed. In the sub a Sbus to PPM converter will connect to the servos. If you do not power the floating receiver unit from the sub but include a battery instead, only two wires (ground, signal) are needed."

    At the risk if antagonizing those out there who will complain that there are already two threads on the RCG submarine front page..I have to present this. The two factions of PD running and those who say that that is not a true submarine might find a niche neutral zone.

    bzfrank brought up a good point of using a floating 2.4 that is S bused to the submersible. Narley, you say! Yes hashey at best -having a soda bottle following on a leash like a Dog fish.

    But what if you had two subs (say type Vll U boats) one that is ballasted to decks awash and the other with a full operating ballast system. The difference is that the receiver(s) are located in the floater(which is fully driveable-just no dive) and there is a serial bus tether (with a small weight in the middle to keep it underwater)

    The submersible always has control from the mother boat diving and surfacing at will and both boats can travel as a wolf pack (no silly look zone here) The length of the bus wire (two conductors) is TBD on practicality-my guess is 10ft-not for depth but for maneuverability.

    Would that be a scale submarine...No, but it is a submarine -fully operational on 2.4Gig-just not scale (because its in a Gemini configuration and should operate and look pretty cool)

    What are the thoughts out there?