New basic 1:72 torpedo kit $130

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  • Kazzer
    • Aug 2008
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    New basic 1:72 torpedo kit $130

    The Wizard and I have come up with a basic kit that will work mechanically, rather than using the electronic controller and solenoid valves of the multiple systems. Using a standard servo, the Breach-block on the Launcher is retracted, releasing the weapon. A 3 position toggle switch on the transmitter is used to to fire 2 launchers from one servo. i.e. left = fire #1, center = off, right = fire #2.

    The system can easily be updated to multiple Launchers, by adding the Controller, Manifold and Solenoid Valves. The advantage being the flexibility of running gas lines, and the micro size of the valves, rather than the bulkier servos and less flexible push-rods. This would be especially useful in boats like the Revell VII if all torpedo tubes were to be operated.

    The Kit comprises:

    1 x Launcher
    3 x Torpedoes
    1 x Standard Servo
    1 x 1/16" Push-rod Seal

    Cost $130.00

    Download the PDF file here
    Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!