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Download the WFT08 radio control manual here.

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  • Download the WFT08 radio control manual here.

    The Manual as supplied by WFLY is fairly comprehensive, but obviously translated from Chinese.
    It is difficult to understand, especially for the novice, so I've volunteered to WFLY to work on this to get it comprehensible.

    If you'd like to participate in this, and have a good understanding of this, please join this newly formed group and help everyone else get the benefits of this under-rated system.

    Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!

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    Hello guys i played around with the WFly radio this week, is it a option to discribe how i made the settings for my sub?

    Once i figured out the menu's it was a easy straight forward job to program it, only snagg was to use the failsave mode, it's differend to the discription than they showed at the little cd.
    My guess is that it will depend on what kind of receiver you use, i have the PPM one.

    Greetings Manfred.
    Fertig zum unterwasser.


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      Hi Manfred,

      Generally speaking radio-programmed failsafes only work on PCM equipment. Since we must use this radio in PPM mode to work with Sombra (and similar) receivers any desired failsafe programming must take place in the receiver (where capable). I don't think the included WFLY receiver has any failsafe capability.

      I agree with you that this radio is pretty straight forward once you get your mind wrapped around the interface.
      Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
      KMc Designs


      • #4
        Hello Kevin,

        I agree with you about the failsafe on the PCM equipment, but the PPM mode has a failsave mode that can be programmed as desired at the receiver.
        It took me some time to fiddle it out, and it works like intended.
        I'll try to make a description how it's working.

        Greetings Manfred.
        Fertig zum unterwasser.


        • #5
          Unlike the PCM receiver you must program the PPM receiver in a different way.

          Step one will be, power up your model without the transmittor under power, after 16 seconds the red led at the receiver will start to blink.
          It's now ready to receive the desired failsafe settings from the transmittor, power up your transmittor with the needed channels into the needed failsave position.
          All servo's or switches will take their desired position of failsave.

          Step two will be, power down your model first then your transmittor, the setting for failsave are memorised.
          To test if the setting are accourding to what you want, power up the transmittor first, then your model, powering down your transmittor after some time wil activade the failsave positions that you have memorised.

          However, there is a catch !!!!!, if you put your model accidently under power for more than 16 seconds without your transmittor under power there is a possibility that the desired failsave settings will be altered.
          So check the failsave at a regular base

          I hope this explanation is clear enough, if not, just ask

          Greetings Manfred.
          Fertig zum unterwasser.