I have 2 boys left, and they have lived with me since the crash. It has been hard, especially when I spent months in the Hospital to deal with them. Thankfully , an old friend of mine moved me into his house, and they have an apartment in the basement to themselves. Nobody tells you how difficult it is to pay for food, and bus passes when you are laying in a Hospital bed,
I cant work any longer, so I am living on Disability, which 100% goes just to care for them, and pay for their Rent...I mostly live on cheap frozen $4.99 Pizzas, which luckily, I REALLY like. This is why It will take a bit of time to scrape up the cashola for you, and the other gentleman.
My other 2 boys also go to the Food Bank, which is really generous to sorta upgrade, and supplement what they are eating....which is really great!
As you can guess, I dont have a car anymore...but ****, thats what they make the Bus for. Frequently my friend/Landlord drives me to my many appointments.