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Titanium Nuclear Powered Submarine

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  • Titanium Nuclear Powered Submarine

    Projeck 945 Sierra 1 and Project 945A Sierra 2.

    Make it simple, make strong, make it work!

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    I'm surprised to see how you have to make your way around pipes and machinery just to get at something.
    Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


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      Now... THIS is a useful post. I'm working on a SIERRA-2. Great footage: that video will be most useful as I finish the model I currently have in hand.

      About ten years ago, when Mr. Caswell bought some of the Small World Models submarine kit tooling. He sent the entire package to me for evaluation and upgrade to our production techniques of the time for possible kit additions to his catalog.

      Kevin Rimrodt and I dressed up the hard-shell hull tools and I produced my own type of rubber tooling from the masters provided. Here's Kevins holding one of the proof kits, this one the 1/96 SIERRA-2.

      When Bob bought out Mr. Caswell, he took custody of all that tooling and to date has made only the 1/96 KILO and 1/96 BLUEBACK available for sail. Just as soon as he catches up with his new WTC, I assume he will once again direct his production energies to the remaining Small World Models submarine kits he has. Here, I'm priming the proof SIERRA-2 hull.

      I must say: David Manley, the creator of these kits did a remarkable job engineering the kit break-down. Kevin and I learned so much from him as we examined, worked on, and used his tooling to produce the proof models. How he engineered the 1/96 TRENCHANT pump-jet simply took me back to school... I hate that guy!

      This big model is stuck on the wall till I find time to complete it. It's a beauty, and a stunning testament to the guy who originated the masters and tooling.

      Resident Luddite


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        Any idea what's that thing in the cage that's in front and the pod behind the presentor? Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220123-005612_YouTube.jpg Views:	0 Size:	75.1 KB ID:	158304
        Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


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          It kinda looks like a caged light fixture. But I don't know that that makes any sense.