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Radiolink Fail Safe Setup for Nautilus Drydocks BLM

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  • Radiolink Fail Safe Setup for Nautilus Drydocks BLM

    CHx is the Channel you set your BML/Blow Servo/Switch on
    1. End Point Menu: Set CHx, High Endpoint to 140%
    2. Aux-CH Menu: Temporarily assign Chx to VRC (any rotary knob), set VRC 100% in the direction that will “blow” the tank.
    3. F/S Menu: Set CHx F/S, should lock to -100%
    4. Aux-CH Menu: Reset CHx to your appropriate “Ballast" Switch, High Endpoint to 90%
    5. Set BLM per instructions. DON'T forget to “Set failsafe command for receivers with built-in failsafe." on the BLM setup The above procedure allows the BLM to “see” the command outside the normal range.
    Recommend 7 Sec Delay allowing the vessel to coast back up to PD and re-establish contact.

    Other recommended F/S Settings

    Dive Planes (All): Full Rise (instantaneous)

    Propulsion: ALL-STOP (instantaneous)

    Again, if it’s a matter of hitting a warm (less dense) spot, taking your eye off the “ball”, an “Emergency Deep” maneuver to avoid an @$$hole, etc, the boat should coast up to regain signal without wasting gas on a blow. SAVE GAS FOR AN EMERGENCY!

    Loss of depth control due flooding and loss of buoyancy the boat should blow gas after 7 seconds allowing it to recover.

    This works for me, your results may differ as your boat is not mine. By reading this, you agreed to use this at your own risk and, that I’m not responsible as to whether or not this works for you and/or loss of your boat. Please understand anything thing to do with loss of boat I usually prefer not to comment on as not wishing to lose a shipmate.

    Test the SYSTEM EACH AND EVERYTIME to use the boat. Make it part of your "Pre-Underway" checklist!

    All BLM questions should be reserved for Bob Martin. Other questions regarding Radiolink systems should be sent to Radiolink.
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    v/r "Sub" Ed

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    Timely comment from Ed, as I'll be implementing this on my current 1/30 Balao!

    Thanks for taking the time to pen this, Ed!