1.) If you fear any chance of water entering the electronics tank use Techspray 2108-12S available on Amazon
2.) To check for leaks using the air valve pictured below, use tubing and valve tool kit both available at Amazon
3.) My preferred servo tape, for easy backing removal Amazon
4.) Use Velcro to attach Remote Key Fob to front of Transmitter
5.) Rechargeable Battery pack that fits into Vex 6 Transmitter, replaces AA Batteries, Amazon
6.) Use a Phone Clamp attached to Transmitter to video, or photo Sub when underway, pictured folded down.
7.) Use Graphite Lube on Deans Connectors if they are difficult to separate
8.) Dry Transfer Graphics by Woodlands Scenics, I suggest the Burnisher as well.
9.) SS Brackets Allied Electronics
10.) Tubing Quik Connects, Robart Manufacturing
11.) DU-BRO wire bender, be sure to get correct sized Die

Hope these tips/products are helpful!