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Fleet Boat Bow Planes

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  • Fleet Boat Bow Planes

    Usually these drawings are on a cocktail napkin-Gato/Baleo sub's bow planes can be problematic. If they're folded and actuate things can jam, likewise if they are deflected up or down and fold-jam also happens.Some clever builders solve this problem mechanically(I think). This solves it electrically...the signal wont go thru unless the servo arms are in the correct position and if the planes get manually moved out of sequence they wont move until positioned correctly.

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    I think KevinMc has an electronic device for this. The Nautilus Drydocks might still be selling it. Haven't had an issue with it on my 1/72nd scale Gato. Why? Because they are so fragile I never rig them out while the boat is running in the water. They may work when operating in a large body of water but they always end up running into things on pool runs.


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      You're referring to Kevin's BPI (Bow Plane Interlock) device. Very slick. Here's the link to the product on my site:

      And a link to the instructions:



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        BPI module-pretty cool-reasonable price-and includes the slo-mo feature...very nice! I am surprised someone makes it- its a very niche market out there...


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          I think it would be possible, in a computer radio, to mix that sort of interaction. I do something similar with retractable nose gear on airplanes, flipping the switch to retract deactivates the nose gear steering servo. I'd have to look at one of my planes and see if it also causes the servo to center, but I think that could be programmed as well.
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