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  • VEx Radio Reciever Question

    Hello all,

    I have a VEX radio transmitter that I need a receiver for. I have a channel 65 tx crystal in the radio and a set of 4 each tx/rx crystals (different freqs/channels) in a package, but no receiver. I have had no luck locating a receiver for the radio, but then again I don't know much about the VEX radio system. Is there some sort of information about the radio that I can get that will give me a better understanding of the radio and receiver that anyone can recommend? My web searches are not yielding much. The VEX website appears to not have any or much on the specific radio we use for controlling the subs.

    Since I have a working complete radio and receiver set for a different model and the receiver for that set looks like most all receivers I am curious if I can substitute a different receiver with the ch 65 rx crystal. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    OK, sorry I posted this in the scrapyard. I have reposted it in the tech area. But the correct question is what receiver is recommended for this radio?


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      If I recall, I’ve tested my Vex radio with a Futaba R127DF receiver on 75mhz (by inserting in the Vex Rx crystal that came with the radio) and it worked. The other receiver I’ve gotten to work with the radio is the Novak Synthesized XXX 5-ch receivers, but these are hard to find. I have a feeling these Vex radios are somewhat rebadged Futaba 6EXA systems, they have very similar button layouts and menu navigation, if you have a spare Futaba 75mhz receiver laying around, it might work.



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        I do have some receiver that's will works with the crystal that comes with the sets.
        but need to replace the pins for pointing side way to be useful.
        could you list the receiver that you have.
        Some of them may work.