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SombraLabs Lepton 8 frequency detection

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  • SombraLabs Lepton 8 frequency detection

    I have a SombraLabs Lepton 8 that does not seem to want to pair with my transmitter. It came with the programmer. Initially it was working including the ability to take a fail safe program. When I moved it to another boat's system, it did not work. I fumbled and finally started to restore the factory system. But it could not pair with the boats Tx. I tried to retore code 99 or code 00 or 01. TX and Rx not linking. I must have mistakenly knock of the systems linking system.

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    Hello you should be able too set channel with jumper wire . Servo will jitter until locked
    does the light come on the shadow programmer?
    my receiver is the sl8 .


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      Rick Teskey,
      can you please give me a cook book procedure? i have lost my confidence in my interpretation on how to do things. Transmitter status? what to connect to the Rx? jumper wire?, powering the receiver?
      jumper wire is the one that came with the SL Receiver programming module that looks like a signal terminal except no usual wires but a plastic wire loop connecting two out board pins and a plastic needle strung to this cable? appreciate any help to guide me thru this. can you elaborate on
      my receiver is a SombraLabs shadow 3 which has 7 set of pins. it came with out any casement, but with the programmable module and the "jumper wire?"
      Some one else told me how in the forum but i am not sure how to follow because he instructed to ground terminal 8 but i have only 7 set of pins. so i grounded 7 my last row of pins. it did not work. still not working as of now.