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  • Gunner82
    • Feb 2018
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    Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named

    I can vouch for what Gunner82 say's about Ron. Nicest guy in the game and a world-changer in the hobby of r/c submarines. Ron was one of the innovators in the 80's and 90's that brought the hobby within reach of the 'common man'. His SaleCon (a liquid damped, proportional angle-keeper); and easy to assemble, and easy to drive r/c submarine kits. Not only that: Ron's WTC's are very much the gold-standard of well crafted, reliable, and well-engineered WTC's.

    Guy's like me learned a great deal from guys like Ron.

    You only had to buy him the occasional lunch!?... Ron!!! WTF!

    I charge a pound of flesh, minimum!

    My first venture into model subs, I brought Ron's Resolution in the eighties, much to my surprise it worked! Ron has been a long time friend and is just the sort of fellow who if you come up with an idea will produce it, absolutely brilliant, even though he is from Birmingham.