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3D Printing Hollow Bridge

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  • 3D Printing Hollow Bridge

    Hi all, when using Cura I cannot figure out how to print my bridge hollow. Cura shows it hollow but prints a 2.3 mm solid bottom and at the top. Inhave tried raising it with supports. I have been placing it level with base at the bottom. Help!

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    Does the STL have a solid base?


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      Do you have meshmixer? Simple to do a plane cut, or hollow, then plane cut. I am on vacation in Mexico, but if you need help with this, pm me and send file, it would take a few minutes on Monday.


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        I can review and repair the file now if needed.



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          The STL does not have a solid base


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            Make sure you are using a raft!



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              What is your setting for Bottom layers in Cura? It should be 0.



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                Thanks guys, I will try using a “raft”. My last attempt is better, using “spiralise Outer Contour” and disabling “Union Overlapping Volumes”. The walls are too thin, lol


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                  Originally posted by RanSan View Post
                  What is your setting for Bottom layers in Cura? It should be 0.

                  Randy, it is 12. What should top layers be? For thicker walls what should I change?
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                      When using a raft should the Bridge be on the bed or raised above?


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                        [QUOTE=biggsgolf;n151308]When using a raft should the Bridge be on the bed or raised above?[/QU

                        Flat to the bed!


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                          What version of Cura are you using? Not that it matters it is just different than the latest.
                          I use Wall Line Count and Top and Bottom Layers not Thickness. I have a rough idea of the thickness by looking at the Line Width under Quality? Use that to figure out the rest. For example I use 0.4mm Line Width. My walls are 2mm so 2 / 0.4 = 5 wall count. My tops are 3-5 layers and my bottoms are 0-3.

                          Personal perference, I don't use rafting it uses to much material. I like 10 count on brim.

                          Hope that helps.


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                            Oh ya don't use spiralise Outer Contour that will only give you 1 wall.


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                              Great info guys, many thanks. I am using version 3.6.0 as any newer version does not work on my older Macbook.