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K-503 overdue....

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  • K-503 overdue....

    Shoulda been in port by now. Actually expected on the 16th.. but apparently somewhere outside of Ft.Worth it fell off the radar and the USPS lost track. No updates since the 17th... "still in transit to the next destination". I think it's lost in the system somewhere... but who knows. Maybee they'll find it and it will show up.. and Tim won't have to make another one.
    "It does not take so many words to speak the truth" Chief Joseph

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    Must be some magic here... it's moving again! USPS updated tracking last night... might see it today or tomorrow.
    "It does not take so many words to speak the truth" Chief Joseph


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      Well.... kind worse for wear. This is how the very embarassed clerk at the post office brought the box out to me. Yes, just like this....

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20200731_105241-X5.jpg
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Size:	56.9 KB
ID:	142411

      The planter hangar was stuck in the box and taped to it... nothing that was sent with the sub, originally. Was that some creative attempt to prevent further damage? Who knows. Wife considers it a bonus.

      Sigh. They weren't really installed to be removed in the first place....

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20200731_105250-X5.jpg
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Size:	56.6 KB
ID:	142412

      The good news is that there appears to be no damage to the actual hull. I do see a spot in the bow where it appears to have been pushed in and split at the hull line, but it feels solid from inside and out, and can probablly be filled. And the plans and other small parts were still inside.. so bonus there. Could have been a lot worse. Off to file a damage claim with the post office..

      "It does not take so many words to speak the truth" Chief Joseph


      • #4
        Man that stinks, thats why they have to send in a much stronger container. I hope the post office gives you money back.


        • #5
          Wow and I thought shipping a sub in just a Gym bag was bad


          • #6
            I think you are onto something there. Put it in a steel cage and hang it with the hook in the center for shipping.