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SAS Safety Float Valve Problem

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  • SAS Safety Float Valve Problem

    Hello all,
    I have been working on my 3.5 inch cylinder recently and encountered a problem. I was testing it in the bath tub when I noticed a lot of water pooled up at the bottom of the cylinder. I checked everything inside and found no problems so I put it back in the tub and I ran some tests. Eventually I thought maybe water was being pulled in through the snorkel so I ducked the induction line in the water and watched what happened. The water went in the line, through the pump, and out the other side into the ballast tank. Since pressure moves high to low, I tried lowering the pressure in the tank. So I held my thumb over the induction line and blew the tank a bit. Now I know SAS tanks aren't supposed to blow a full tank on dry space air alone but bare with me here. Once I blew about half the tank I dunked the induction line under and lo and behold, water spouted right out of the safety float valve I to the dry space. My question is why this happened? Should the float have closed and stopped this? How can I fix this?
    Ya know, I quite like sinking skimmers!