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Duster Propellant Cans

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  • Duster Propellant Cans

    I have a question about the use of the Duster Propellant cans as it relates to having a separate copper pressure tank.
    Is it possible to just mount in a Duster can itself with the proper valving and skip the need for using separate copper tank?
    I would think the can could withstand the small pressures that these subs dive in.

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    Sure, no problem. You'll need a monstrous sub to put it in. Also, as the gas is expelled, the contents of the can change from primarily liquid to primarily gas, which makes a huge difference in its buoyancy. Again, if you've got a 15ft boat, maybe that's not a big deal, but for anything smaller, you'd either end up not being able to submerge, or have to constantly take on more ballast to offset the increased buoyancy.