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Servo adjustment, how to

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  • Servo adjustment, how to

    I am at the point in my first sub build where I need to adjust the throe limit angle of the various servos. Can anyone suggest how I center stick movement to angle of push rod movement? I know I can make adjustments on the transmitter, but the number of degrees of adjustment are insufficient to center the servo control so that I can get equal movement from the stick movement.

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    1.) Building in multiple adjustment points makes life easy. I typically use screw-on connectors on my linkage outputs from my cylinder and also at the control horn of the dive plane/rudder to ensure maximum flexibility

    2.) Ensure that your servo horn is centered when the servo is in neutral

    3.) Ensure that your control surface horn is, likewise, centered at neutral position

    If your throw varies left to right, you broke one of the rules above and either the servo horn or the control surface horn is not centered at neutral. Once your setup is finalized, the only way to mechanically limit throw is to lengthen the distance from the center of your control or servo horn to where it attaches to the linkage. This is typically done at the servo (nice, convenient holes already in most horns), but you can also do it at the control surface horn, too.


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      And before you do the above checks: insure that all transmitter trims are centered.

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