Hi Guys

I have just joined this forum for a bit of advice.

Basically im a 2nd year Electrical/electronic Engineering Student in the UK so me and my fellow students have come up with an idea to build a Amphibious Autonomous Vehicle, that can be fully submerge able.

But we are unsure what batteries,motors,drive shafts, gear boxes and any other relevant components to use.

Ill give you a rough idea how we want it-

Its gonna have a ballast tank on each side that will be bigger than the main body so we can add suspension and tracks under neath the ballast tanks (double hulled about 6 inch wide and 2 ft long)
the main body will be 3 ft long and possibly 6 inch wide also this will be single hulled.
we was thinking of using a compressor instead of a pump.

So any help you can give will be much appreciated

Kind Regards