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Robbe Futaba F-14 Navy Alternative

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  • #16
    Off the shelf aka Ebay parts.

    27 or 75 MHz.

    I am thinking making a small batch of TX. With a 12 channel receiver, Any one intrested?
    problem is ER9X firmware, not everyone cup of tea.
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      Not sure why you want an F-series, but any modern TX with OpenTX firmware leaves it standing in terms of features and functionality, and they cost peanuts.
      Time to DIVE IN!


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        I started posting a couple of more of my used 75mhz radio sub systems on Ebay. Just search "75mhz transmitter" First one went up last nite. they are Futaba, Robbe and some Vex systems. If you don't see any, then the latest listing sold and you need to wait till I add another listing.


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          I found a virtually new F-14 recently, but if you have better stuff, I’m in! Also what’s your eBay user name?
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            Originally posted by hywel View Post
            I found a virtually new F-14 recently, but if you have better stuff, I’m in! Also what’s your eBay user name?
            If you got an almost new F-14 I would go with that. As Futaba Robbe FC-28 most likely is more them you need. If its a US version 72mhz F-14, radio south can retune it. Reason I asked if its a US version is I asked Tony at Radio South to retune a Europe version F-14 that was on 35mhz to 75mhz and he said nope. I am hoping you found one of the super rare US version F-14 75mhz radios.


            • #21
              It's a euro spec F-14...was hoping to follow the guide that was posted in this thread


              • #22
                So some slight differences on the mods for the F-14. The trainer port on the F-14 is located in a slightly different location and is reversed from the FC-16 one depicted in my guide. My F-14 was converted to 2.4Ghz by the factory and they did not de-solder any jumpers , they just did not populate the crystal slot.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	20221028_105622.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.0 KB ID:	166082


                • #23
                  Thank you for the extra info. Much appreciated.


                  • #24
                    This one popped up at Evil bay.
                    want to try your luck.

                    and this one too.



                    • #25
                      Thank you! This one literally arrived on my doorstep this week, it looks like new old stock and I found the Navy throttle at a shop in the Netherlands! Click image for larger version

Name:	34DC66DA-BE1A-42B1-8508-F76456F249A8.jpg
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                      • #26
                        If you need a 35/40 MHz receiver, do a aliexpress such, still could find a synthesized one.