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    1. My Real Name: Matt Beaudoin
    2. My Birthdate: June 1978
    3. I'm originally from: Rhode Island
    4. I'm currently residing in: Paris, Tennessee
    5. Years in the RC sub game: long time watcher, ready to take the plunge
    6. My current fleet: All my boats are only meant to float.
    7. My projects awaiting construction: Research style submersible
    8. My dream fleet: Cab 3 from the Abyss, Alvin from Woods Hole, Mir 2
    9. My favorite submarine movie: The Abyss, The Hunt for Red October, K19
    10. Things I love about this hobby: very small microcosm of the RC modelers.
    11. Things I hate about this hobby: Limited resources as to compared with RC helicopters or boats.
    12. My favorite pizza toppings: Pineapple
    13. A pic of me (attachment)


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      My real name: Michael callaghan
      my birthday. Oct 1956
      originally from Bristol uk
      years in rc subs. 6
      current fleet. Surcouf, british E class, T class, U class. HMS Trafalgar, American Patrick Henry, German, XX1, V11, V111. Nautilus, and Neptune
      projects. XX1
      favorite movie. Above us the waves, we dive at dawn.
      things I love about the hobby. Keeps the grey matter busy
      things I hate, getting expensive
      pizza toppings ,chille