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    This is a posting for my three Submarine707 boat projects. I have been working on these for about 2 years on and off as well as a 31 inch Scott Brodeen Nautilus, which is close to completion, but not the subject of this posting. They are the UX-1, the 707II, and junior subs that are housed on the 707II. The UX is a lost foam project. The 707 is a 3d CAD based rapid prototyping project and the Junior is the most unquie sub I think you will ever see. It looks like a plane that lost it's wings and evolved in to a minisub. It will likely be a converted plstic model to a dynamic diver just for fun. Remember all of these are Anime fictional boats, but they retain a very practice design which makes them decent rc projects.
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    Originally posted by chaddivine
    I recently acquired the VERY very Rare resin kit of this sub which was the only version produced from the aime movie version. I randomly found it after 12 years of looking for it on eBay for a shockingly low price and Brand spanking new. I've been trying for years to produce as accurate a 3d model as I could so I could 3d print my own copy at various scales, so now with the kit in hand I will finally be able to produce a nearly completely accurate 3d model for printing. If anyone wants a copy in print at some scale / size please let me know I will provide you a timeline and cost. As of right now my projects are very backed up so you might be looking at a very long wait. But hey I waited 12 years.
    ... and this is, to some degree, why little guys like me go out of business. It's called theft. If you secured permission by the owner of that property, I stand corrected and apologize.

    Your short term joy at the ability to turn someone's hard work into robot made copy is ushering in the loss of a Craft to the world.

    Resident Luddite


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      Hmmmm. I'd be more grumpy about this if it was being 3D scanned and duplicated bolt for bolt, but if I understand Chad's post, he is simply using the resin model as reference for drafting his own model.

      Sure the work that the original producer did is enabling his project, but is that much different than someone using reference pictures of a Revell Type VII to make their own model?

      An interesting debate, and I'm not certain I'm for or against in this specific case. If Chad is just doing this for his own gratification, obviously he can do anything he'd like. The challenge is when the work is offered for sale and profit...

      Regardless, a cool project.


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        Note: Thank you SubHuman for giving me the benefit of the doubt before hammering me to the cross.

        So I am up for a little healthy debate, but before I do I'd like to make some things clear.
        First, I have zero intention of stealing or getting rich on selling anything in the bobby of Subs or 3d printing. I do what I do because I love it! I really couldn't care less if someone else likes it or not. If I "offer" something for someone else to buy, it's because I assume the possibility exists out there that there might be one person who might be willing to pay what it costs to produce something, but for crying out loud, do I think I am going to pay my bills on this? no. I have no interest in doing what Bob Martin is doing. I love that he is pursuing his passions. I love watching his videos. I love his skill and I really love his brilliant handling of customer service. I am here right now because of it. Good work Bob. Do I want to share something I am passionate about? Yes!

        Second. Let's talk "stealing" Consider this: How many "hobbyists" took drawings of existing US submarines throughout history to build kits to sell for profit? How many billions of US tax dollars were spent so whoever ye be, could take them, copy them, and sell them for profit? Did ye get yar license from the US government to sell their top-secret hulls of the seawolf or the propellor shroud? How about the British subs? Do they come with licenses? Ok to be fair I honestly have no idea how that crap works. Maybe, uncle sam doesn't care. Maybe Uncle just doesn't know. At any rate, this is a debate about two things, Intent, and stealing. I have no intention to steal nor have I stolen anything. 100% of my 3d models are based on models I already own. I took them and use them to make bigger versions of them so I could enjoy them at a larger scale. One time in 2012 before everyone was making hulls with printers I built what I thought was the 1st 3d printed hull ever of the 7072 from my fave anime Submarine707R. I did this because not only was the company that made the originals out of business but there was no such existing kit on the market. So that brings us to my final point.

        Three: what to do when there is no such way to acquire a license because the company owning the IP is out of business? I feel like my work exists in this arena as almost all my stuff is either non-existent or out of business.

        Last, 3d printing - I remember when I saw an ad in a magazine called Wired. they did a write-up on this thing called 3d printing. I honestly thought it was a joke. There's no way to 3d print a physical object. That BS on Star Trek. Ummm does anyone smell what I'm stepping in? That was about 15 years ago. Welcome to the future.

        I do my own work. I have a degree in 3d animation and special effects. 3D printing is cool but it's not for robots. It requires a lot of technical know-how. If you want to print in DLP Resin, it's 10X harder than FDM. This is still a very new and complex process. I recently bought the first 3d printer that I've been waiting 12 years to buy. It's a resin printer so the detail should be unreal compared to FDM, but it's so complex I've been doing research for a month, and am still afraid to try. The project I am working on for the 2199 space sub UX01 is one of my first planned prints. I own a 1/500 scale Yamato from 2199 so I really wanted one in equal scale and yet again Bandai has yet to produce one for me. I am stuck on my own. Thank God for 3d printing because now the 12-year-old in me can not only dream, but I can create my own wishes. So cool!

        Have fun debating this I will probably not be back for a while.


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          Dave. I like you you. You probably don't remember me, we have never met in person but have chatted before. I see how helpful you are with people. I love that you frequently post many photos showing your vast experience in modeling which I (and many others) find extremely helpful. I generally (but not always) agree with you. You are real quick to accuse people of stealing. Perhaps it is out of ignorance (from us, not you) but I don't think anyone here is interested in profiting at someone else's expense.

          Here was a new guy with something interesting and unusual to offer and now he is offended and probably won't be back. Share your experience with plagiarism with us. Where your designs and products directly copied from you? What do you know of other people whos' models where illegally copied?

          I'm expecting to get royally blasted for this post so if need be, go ahead.



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            Chad is not new. My blasting is done. LOL
            If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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              Hi all, I got some "clarification/insight" on my last post from a well-respected acquaintance. There was phrasing I could have done better above so I will add to it to clarify. First, let me say I do very much appreciate those of you giving me the benefit of the doubt. You are all correct, I do not have any intentions of "getting rich" or "stealing" from anyone's work. With that said, I am a believer in accountability as long as I'm not some "target" for something unknown going on behind the scenes that I am not aware of. I'm just here to post. I have two options as of right now. the SC and this. I went with this for ease of use. I had an issue with ps and Bob got me taken care of stat. As I said he is one hell of a customer service guy. Like watch out Apple here comes Bob M. Ok I'd better quit praising Bob before someone accuses me of something not true. As for my intentions to keep posting, I will be. I had said I would be gone a while but that had nothing to do with not wanting to post. Just family stuff. As far as I'm concerned we can move on and enjoy this awesome sharing place. I will try to be more mindful of how I come off in terms of offering work.

              I'm would like to continue the conversation from a philosophical angle. I'm not trying to "argue" my case, just pose some additional thoughts and clarifications since this is heated for some.

              One other thing I'd like to clarify is this perspective I've had which led me to offer some of my work for sale. If had literally 3d scanned and perfectly duplicated the original work of art then sold it with no permission as my own, I'd say that's full-on stealing. However, because I took creative liberties and recreated the work by hand in 3d I equate that to literally looking at the Michelangelo and sculpting it out of clay and then selling it as a creative piece of unique art. Furthermore, I ain't gonna get rich selling a one-off to one person. I admit I am not a fan of the big corporation, but I do respect the issues that arise when the theft of IP happens. It is a HUGE issue especially in the digital world, especially in software, especially in games. I am a game developer so yeah that hits home. In these cases, millions are being stolen not so in my case, but again apple n oranges right...

              Anyway, have fun with it say what you like, Just know I am not here to steal, rip off, or profit wrongly. I am also not trying to drive business away from NDD. If anything I'd like to see him continue to grow.



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                Here I am working on the sail.


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                  So... I'm not a particular fan of anime (though my son got me hooked on Sword Art Online and I thought it was pretty awesome. That said, I am getting pretty intrigued by the design of this sub. Chad, do you have any photos of this boat that you can post so that we can see what it looks like?



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                    Here are some pics of the boat from the anime Yamato 2199. This is a remake of the old-school series Space Battleship Yamato, that was aired in the US as Star Blazers in 1979. Pretty cool space-to-ocean analogy, this space "submarine" is able to "dive" into another dimension in order to conduct stealth attacks.



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                      It's cool right. It looks to me like a type-VII from the future. Who doesn't love the Type VII.


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                        You can still buy a model kit of this in stores but they are tiny. 1/1000 scale. Soo small. So annoying. I want a 1/350 and a 1/500 so that is why I am doing this for printing in resin. I can
                        t even say how excited I am to get this in my hands.


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                          BTW this "kit" in this photo was done by a guy in Japan who makes knock-off kits and sell limited runs. I have no idea IF he had a license for them. I can imagine acquiring a license from Bandai to be a nightmare like Disney. The kits were resin at a 1/350 scale. Very exquisite work. Clearly, he is a master modeler. I wonder if he might be the guy who made this sub, to begin with which might be how he was able to make this kit. I guess I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

                          BTW what the hell does that even mean... the benefit of the doubt. How is a doubt a benefit?
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                            It’s possible that he made a resin garage kit to be sold at the C3 Anime Festival Asia convention. It’s an event held by Bandai every year where they authorize non-licensed third party garage kits to be sold to the public.

                            A friend of mine built the 1/500 Yamato kit, it’s a good size but I find it to be still small for RC conversion. I would love to see it in 1/200 or even in 1/100 scale! Would go nicely with my Gundam models ;)


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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	superfalconsmaller.JPG
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                              Still working my hands in wood here. Carved out of a couple of lumps 2"x4" pine, which came out of someones loft, bonded together and planed true. Cut down in profile then planed a rasped to shape. Added in dome fairing with plywood sheet. Fair bit of refining after that, plus the usual rounds of puttying and sanding I did cheat a bit with the wing roots though, printed those, but did the CAD myself, honest guv. Around 1/8th scale Deepflight Superfalcon, should be fun.

                              Time to DIVE IN!