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Mtroniks ViperMarine10 ESC failure

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  • Mtroniks ViperMarine10 ESC failure

    As mentioned in my 1/72 Scorpene build post, I had an unusual failure of a ViperMarine10 ESC. I'm using a R&R 70mm WTC and the ballast pump ESC is the one that failed. The failure occurred after I had finished the wiring of the ESCs during testing. I began by testing the system with the cylinder out of the tube, I checked every system (Rudder, Stern plane, propulsion motor, and ballast pump) after which I then assembled the cylinder. After assembling the cylinder I repeated the same test. During the second test I heard a soft "pop" and then saw smoke fill up the after most compartment of the cylinder, the main battery lead to which both ESCs and the BEC were tied into caught fire and burned up. The ballast pump ESC sprayed an oily liquid and bits of metal all over the rear compartment, aside from the ESC everything else (except the wires looked OK). I also fried my only 75MHz receiver and the wiring will have to be re-done, but everything else looks salvageable. Has anyone else had this happen to them or know what causes such a failure? I've attached a few photos of the aftermath below for everyone's viewing pleasure.

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    Did you have fuse in the power line?
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      Sorry that happened. I have not seen that before, but reach out to Mtroniks, maybe they can help.
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        Sorry to hear that-a fire on a sub is no bueno whether the sub is a model or 1:1. As I see it there are two possibilities.

        1.Depending where you bought the ESC it could have been a Chinese Knock off. I bought a 10amp Mtroniks for my Atlantis sub and got a GREAT price on EBay...It was blister packed with all the paperwork free shipping (brand New) I spent a week trying to figure out why it stuttered and wouldn't accelerate correctly-good thing it didn't burn up...I called PayPal and requested a return- I was immediately reimbursed and the seller told me to keep the unit...Knockoff? I think so. I called Bob and ordered a real one-yes it was $20 more plus shipping-But Its been operating like a champ ever since (lesson learned!)

        2. Something was wrong with the wiring. Sounds like you had two ESCs on the boat? Since you are using a BEC, maybe BOTH power leads to the radio in the ESCs servo wire were not disconnected (Mtroniks units are very susceptible to this-infact the instructions talk of using an optical isolator if glitching problems persist) Evidently your power lead WAS the fuse in this case which really points to a direct short-maybe a ground loop thru the receiver since that was also a victim.

        Good luck with the repairs-send pictures as she comes together-BG
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          Mtroniks sucks. I have 3 of them burned up collecting dust. They want you to send them back for inspection on your dime. Not worth postage to the UK. They use cheap Chinese components.
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            You forgot the part where the pleasant aroma of the Magic Smoke that leaked out permeates the space you're in and sticks to your clothing for days!!!! I had one blow out many years ago, a stench that I will never forget!!!


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              Unfortunately a very common issue with MTroniks. I've stopped carrying them.


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                Looking back I made a few mistakes. No fuse, and the battery lead wire was way too thin. Fortunately I only lost one ESC and a servo, but my 75MHz Rx is fried and that really sucks since that was my only one. Lessons learned and I'm continuing to move forward with the build. What gauge of wire should I use for the battery lead? As far as fuses go since I have 2 10A ESCs does that mean I need a 20A fuse? Since Mtroniks ESCs seem to be unreliable what ESCs do you all recommend I use for brushed motors?