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Receiver for Vex Robotics 6 channel radio

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  • Receiver for Vex Robotics 6 channel radio

    Can someone tell me which Futaba receiver (or receivers) is/are compatible with the Vex 6 Channel radio and where to find them? Also I assume the Vex crystal sets are compatible with them as well? I just took at look at the Vex receiver and realized I can't connect the servos to it...



  • #2
    You need to buy a 75mhz receiver that uses Single conversion receiver crystal. Bob seems to be out of those receivers right now.


    • #3
      Thanks, I'm trying to find out which model or models will definitely work so I can search for them.


      • #4
        Cirrus 6 channel only ( Ebay )

        eflite (china)

        Novak synthesized receiver is a way to works around.

        I have 2 receiver that can use the crystal that came with the transmitter, but the pins are pionting up, I can change if it need be.

        I have a fix for crystal problem, if you are good at soldering, just change the crystal socket to a standard one, on the transmitter! It use futaba crystal.

        I Don't have these for testing, it may or may not work.

        Try this one

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        • #5
          Thanks for the links! Those are 72mhz 4 channel receivers though. I'm really going to need all six channels I believe. And will those work with 75mhz crystals?


          • #6
            I already have a Futaba FP-R127DF 7 channel 72mhz receiver... is it safe to try the Vex 75mhz crystals in it?


            • #7
              75mhz crystals won’t work with 72mhz receivers out of the box. I think there are services to retune a 72mhz receiver to accept 75mhz crystals. I have the same Vex 6ch transmitter, I’m using it with a 75mhz synthesized receiver I found on Ebay. They do pop up from time to time.


              • #8
                Thanks, from what I have found so far it looks like the receiver I want for the Vex is the Futaba R168DF 75mhz. I'm just not having any luck finding one. How would one go about getting a receiver retuned?


                • #9
                  Someone years ago recommended Radio South RC to me regarding retuning receivers:


                  I've never used their service but others have had success with them.



                  • #10
                    Thanks neitosub =)



                    • #11
                      a ton of futaba receivers use Dual Conversion crystals. So you would need a Dual conversion 75mhz Futaba or Hitec crystal at the same channel you Vex Transmitter is on if you plan on trying that Futaba FP-R127DF receiver.


                      • #12
               Your vex crystal can go into that receiver


                        • #13
                          Thanks Sinksalot. So the Vex 75 mhz crystals will work with that 72mhz receiver?


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by GwenB View Post
                            Thanks Sinksalot. So the Vex 75 mhz crystals will work with that 72mhz receiver?
                            That the same receiver Bob used to sell before they became hard to find. You can look at his old videos and you will see 72mhz with a Vex crystal in it


                            • #15
                              OK thanks very much. I just ordered it.