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End of season good run on R-10

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  • End of season good run on R-10

    Took advantage of what may be the end of summer days here in WI.

    Put the boat in the water after some changes in controls. Initially a bit stern heavy submerged. Adjusted trim, and was able to get some GOOD submerged runs. Felt more like flying the sub!

    This thing is fast submerged!

    Water was murky 3 feet down. I lost it once near some weeds, when I wasn't standing out in the river, and shut the radio off waiting for it to pop up, Which it did! I may add a LED.

    Overall I prefer the ballast motor controls on channel 4 vs 5 on the VEX.. Still having some issues with burps on the ballast motor with the AST level controller, but overall much better behaved. Sub is drying out and final trim wight adjustments are set before winter lay up. If we get an Indian summer it will go out again.

    There was a tendency to rise on tight turns while submerged. Thoughts?

    For all those who have helped: Thank you!


    PS videos/photos TBD....

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    Congrats on a successful run! Regarding the tendency to rise during a turn, did you notice the sub banking to the side while making the turn? If so, the rise could be due to the rudder being tilted at an angle, kind of acting like a tilted diving plane.



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      Real ones do the same thing in turns. Rudder creates drag, causing the stern to act heavy, thus bow points toward sky. It's how stuff flies underwater! :)


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        Originally posted by wlambing View Post
        Real ones do the same thing in turns. Rudder creates drag, causing the stern to act heavy, thus bow points toward sky. It's how stuff flies underwater! :)

        I think you are onto something.

        My undergrad work had a lot of fluid mechanics and flow, even worked a flow field calculation for a conning tower. Having said that, I need to remember that stuff better!

        Also explains why it was rolling into the turns.

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          I go through standard RC sub operational characteristics in my book, by the way... ;)


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            Wait 'til you try being really slow and sneaky and "The Chinese Effect" kicks in. The horizontal control surfaces start working in the opposite! Fun stuff!!!