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To many projects at the some time can be a pain

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  • To many projects at the some time can be a pain

    Yea I just got to many projects going at the same time. IX D2, Gato, IJN SUB and a few other. I just don't have the time. I think I going to sell one of my side projects. I think I will sell my Robbe U47 kit. Let me google what they are selling in the US for before I post anything.
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    Yea the IX D2 is coming along fine. It will be my first Big Sub. I done smaller Revell model into RC. But the IX D2 is 77 inch long. I got a late war conning tower and deck for it to. Oh yea i can tell you, Bob is 100% correct, RC submarine hobby is not cheap.
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      I Picked the wrong dream boat, IJN STO I-400, in 1/48 scale.


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        Originally posted by cheapsub View Post
        I Picked the wrong dream boat, IJN STO I-400, in 1/48 scale.
        Thats over 8 feet long. I have been 3d modeling the I-400 for 3D printing. I didnt like my first couple of tries at it. Sooner or later I will get it right. But its coming along, but I am only going for a 1/72 scale at over 6 foot long.


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          Can't even get out of the apt door.
          may be one of this day make a 4 ft one.
          Have to finish all the Frankenstein transmitter first, get them out of my head.
          one big box of old transmitter, snow ball to no end.
          moved to a smaller apartment, now it look like a hobby shop!


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0594.JPG
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            This is the old Gato sub I am working on. Its a Engel Gato, 1/48. I had it shipped from the UK to the US, heavy and long as hell. The Dry hull needs some small repairs and I can fix it up as new.. I do have brand new Pistons tanks and electronic for it, however I have a tubed WTC coming for my Engel IX D2 sub that will also fit perfectly in this sub as well. I may just use one WTC for both of my large Engel subs.