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Kudos: 250 Series Modular Sub Driver (MSD) for all RC subs

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  • Kudos: 250 Series Modular Sub Driver (MSD) for all RC subs

    Bob & Dave,

    When I see it, I say it.

    The MSD 250 came yesterday, and let me tell you I'm impressed. So much so I'm considering just displaying it as it's own static model on the wall!

    A great step in the evolution of the WTC, I won't quite say the culmination because you two never rest on your laurels in looking for a "better" way. But it's damn near perfect.

    The three separate Lexan tubes, easily replaceable due to damage or wear and tear are alone worth the price of admission...bye bye spider cracks.

    Mmmmmmm,,,,,,arrrrrgh....drool....brushless POWER!!

    It really is the..."gateway drug" for a new guy in it's simplicity of engineering while incorporating all the features needed to operate most any RC Sub, I give it 5 stars.
    As a guy who enjoys Engineering his own gear, this only ADDS to my fun time, if I had to engineer ALL the boats I have, like Bob, I'd NEVER have time to run them.

    It's ALL about trade off!!

    Do I want a lot of boats? YES, this is my Hobby.
    As a man who has at least 10 years until retirement, do I have the time to all but scratch build the 11 of them? Hell no!

    Also, they're perfect for those smaller scale boats. As well as sharing among boats.

    In our hobby, there is NO silver bullet, what one person doesn't like another loves. That's what's GREAT about it. No one Sub, no one Lake, no one method is the best.

    Our job as a craftsman is to figure out what works best for what we like and where we run.

    My big SKIPJACK loves 2.4Ghz as it slowly patrols North Lake in Groton or "lost from view after one foot" Bownes Pond in Queens.

    My PROTEUS on 75Mhz will prowl the depth of clear ponds after negotiating an arterial/venous fistula. Along with my forthcoming Disney NAUTILUS that will leave that high speed submerged wake across the pond as it prowls for a USS LINCOLN!

    Yes I loves my watertight S3 boxes on my large boats, I love Greg Sharpe's or Dan Kachur's home grown old school bolt access builds. I done it all but hull layup itself.

    I also love the SubDriver, which frees me to focus on large boats "scratching the Engineering itch" yet still get in much valued stick time.

    Again, there is no one solution. Anyone in this hobby who states, "Only this way, so don't consider it.", really isn't in the hobby.

    Yes, some things work, and some don't, so I don't EVER discount experience, but in general, the system YOU like in the situation YOU dive in, is what matters in the end.

    So the final point, whether your a newbie, or seasoned RC Sub "Skipper" a SubDriver is a valuable piece of hardware.

    Next time we're together, another 12 Pack of Diet Mountain Dew for Dave (my God , who drinks that Crab Juice??) and whatever poison you prefer Bob.

    Great job!

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    NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.

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    Thank you, kind sir.

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"