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Futaba 9CAP on different frequencies

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  • Futaba 9CAP on different frequencies

    I think I asked this question before many moons ago but I've forgotten the answer.

    I have a Futaba 9CAP transmitter with 2 different 50MHz RF modules - I am a HAM operator. I've been looking for a backup transmitter for my 9CAP on 50MHz with little luck.

    But maybe, just maybe, I'm going about this all wrong. I believe - and this is where you correct me i*** I'm wrong - that I can acquire any Futabe 9CAP transmitter on 72MHz or 75MHz - it doesn't matter - and just remove the non-HAM RF module and plug in my 50MHz RF module and I'm good to go.

    In other words, the operating frequency of the Futaba 9CAP is determined by the RF module and NOT by the 9CAP platform itself.

    AM I correct? If I am correct, I should be hunting for Futaba 50MHz RF modules and not for the whole transmitter.

    Please advise.
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    I think you are right, i have a robbe PCM transmittor, it can carry both PCM and FFM modules inserted in the back, depending on which frequency i want to use i insert the module i want to use, recently i swopped the module from the type VII for another to be used for the type XVII, the XVII will use a different frequency at 40 Mhz, the type VII uses 30 Mhz, hope that will answer your question.

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      That Futaba module that's in your Futaba 9CAP, will work in another Futaba 9CAP or a Futaba T8UAP or a Futaba,Robbe F-16 or a Futaba Robbe FC-28 and even a WFLY WFT08X


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        Come on, one more.


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          Sorry this puppy getting very sick.
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          the "positive shift" force side is calling.

          do need a old JR transmitter for this.
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