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Nautilus Drydocks - Yesterday's work

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    Originally posted by trout View Post
    Sure that could be done too.
    Do you believe this is viable to prevent shear,? I had imagined using cut-down expended cartridge casings as possible cup or sleeve.
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      The best way to see is to build it. My issue with cups is I want the pushrod to be removable and cups (on both ends) is now more difficult to remove (if I am understanding what you are describing).
      If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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        Originally posted by trout View Post
        The best way to see is to build it. My issue with cups is I want the pushrod to be removable and cups (on both ends) is now more difficult to remove (if I am understanding what you are describing).
        I had envisioned 1 cup for one magnet, or a single brass sleeve. My thought was just the slightly raised edge of a cup or sleeve to prevent shear from other magnet. One magnet possibly epoxied into a cup/ sleeve. The other magnet would simply be dropped into cup/ sleeve (no cup of it's own), though the raised edge of cup/sleeve connection would likely prevent shear of the two magnets.

        No reason for both magnets to have separate cups. Just one magnet w/ cup to receive other magnet.


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        If you're part of the particulate, then you're not part of the solution"


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          I love it when the creative juices flow! Keep it up Ed!
          If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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            Originally posted by trout View Post
            I love it when the creative juices flow! Keep it up Ed!
            Let us know it works!
            If you're part of the particulate, then you're not part of the solution"


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              Finally! An update!

              As you know, I got some bad news a couple of weeks ago in that my mother-in-law passed away from a sudden and massive brain aneurysm. Renee flew up to Canada right away and Logan and I flew up about 10 days ago to be with family and try to get her estate in order. Man, flying is crazy now. Airports are utterly deserted. Masks everywhere. No shops or restaurants open in the airports. Here is a pic I snapped in Vancouver, typically a very busy airport. The only person in the shot is Logan (waaaaay in the background).

              Click image for larger version

Name:	airport.jpg
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ID:	139640

              I got back from Canada late Monday night and have been fighting a particularly challenging bout of jetlag for the last few days. I finally got a solid 6 hours of sleep last night and I feel like I'm back in fighting trim now!

              I spent the first couple of days catching up on customer orders. Lately, I'm also getting INUNDATED with emails and messages from people asking me to walk them through products, the hobby and challenges they're facing. I'm approaching critical mass in terms of that aspect of my business, which is part of the reason that I set up the DiveTribe video meetings (the next of which is next Thursday at 7pm eastern, btw). I'm hoping this will provide a better interface to solve customer issues and free up my time. As of right now, I spend around two to three hours per day replying to messages. A good problem to have, but one that needs to get addressed.

              On a positive front, I have a good friend who is retiring from service as a pilot and who is seriously thinking about coming aboard to help me with the business. If so, it will be a game-changer. Stay tuned for updates if and when that comes into fruition.

              Okay, a few other updates, though for the most part it's order catch up that took all my time.

              I finished up the first prototype 571 Nautilus hull. This was done in 72nd scale and is really big. Too big for most hobbyists. I've since scaled things back to 96th scale, but this hull has found a new home and is getting shipped out as soon as the final payment is received.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_122002.jpg
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ID:	139628Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_121958.jpg
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ID:	139629Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_122013.jpg
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Size:	60.2 KB
ID:	139631

              I also offloaded the prototype 96th scale LA. I really like how that set of files turned out. This one is getting shipped out today if things go well.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_091721.jpg
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ID:	139625Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_091726.jpg
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ID:	139626

              Logan has taken on a new project! As avid Star Wars fans, one of our favorite vehicles is, obviously, the Falcon. So when Logan was coming up with his next project after the Batsub, we settled on this almost immediately. It will have no ballast system and be set up for full acrobatics (pitch, yaw and roll). A challenging engineering exercise to make it practical with no control surfaces, but I think we have that figured out. The propulsion will be a series of 12 nozzles, grouped in port and starboard assemblies. Yaw is achieved via variable throttle, pitch via pointing all nozzles up or down, and roll by orienting nozzles opposite left and right. All good in theory, of course.

              I 3D printed these in clear PETG plastic and we'll be backlighting in hyper blue LEDs, of course!

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150606.jpg
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ID:	139639Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150614.jpg
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ID:	139636

              I have also been working with an estate company out of Oregon to buy a big Deboer 571 Nautilus model. They had terrible photos and virtually no description. I took a chance and it ended up paying off. It's a gorgeous build and someone knew what they were doing, obviously hoping to RC the monster as the linkages are all run and hull access figured out well. I have plans to use the MSS methodology with the clear boxes.

              Yet another project to add to the list, but one I'm excited at tackling. In the meantime, it will make a beautiful display.

              To put this photo in perspective, the car mat on the floor is 8ft wide...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150520.jpg
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ID:	139632Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150523.jpg
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ID:	139633

              Gorgeous deck detail on this boat!

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150533.jpg
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Size:	93.8 KB
ID:	139634

              LXG Nautilus got about 30 minutes of love yesterday, too. I installed the brushless motor that will propel her along, hopefully as a nice, quick pace.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150621.jpg
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Size:	61.4 KB
ID:	139641

              AAANNNDDD, I got rid of my dog's COVID hair. Now she's trim, clean and looking like a dog again and not a mop!

              My dog, Gracie!:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200521_150435.jpg
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ID:	139627
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                Hi Bob & Logan! Exited to see development of the Falcon project! I saw a video where someone had posted an R/C boat based from Srar Trek "Enterprise" NCC-1701. In the pool, it maneuvered beautifully. Any thoughts of this as a new development project?

                If you're part of the particulate, then you're not part of the solution"


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                  Must have 571. Freaking beautiful Bob!!!


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                    Great paint job on the 688! I have to agree with everyone on the 571 Nautilus that's a nice sub.


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                      Originally posted by RanSan View Post
                      Great paint job on the 688! I have to agree with everyone on the 571 Nautilus that's a nice sub.
                      Anyone can do that paint job in less than 30 minutes with three rattle cans and some pastels. Upper hull was Krylon "chalked" (not chalkboard paint, but designed to replicate the dark gray matte finish). Lower hull is red oxide primer. Green marine growth was Rustoleum camo. Pastel is simple white applied with a brush and rubbed into shape.

                      I was asked to throw a quick and dirty paint job on that boat, so that's what we got!



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                        I am still alive!

                        Yeesh, I'm embarrassed that it's been so long since an update. A lot happened. My wife's mother passed away and we spent a lot of time up in Canada getting thing started for looking after her estate. There are also assets down here in Florida to look after. Lots of work and talk with lawyers and the executor of the will. Covid meant that most of you got deep into building, and orders swamped me! Suppliers got delayed significantly and general havoc ensued.

                        At any rate, let's get this party started up again, shall we!? Here are some truncated, point form updates. Feel free to ask questions or hit me up directly if something piques your interest:
                        1. A new team member at the Drydocks! I'm so infinitely excited to announce that I've hired help at the shop. Jason has come aboard and is deep in training. He will primarily be responsible for shipping out orders and maintaining inventory at first, but we are also planning on bringing select production in-house for many products, which will mean reduced wait times and better control over quality. From this point forward, he will be the one packing your shipments and getting things off to you. This should also mean more ship days and faster turnaround of orders.
                        2. A new Submarine Transport Vehicle at the Drydocks! Bigger subs and more packages mean I needed to invest in something bigger than my old SUV. I availed myself of Hertz's vehicle liquidation and got a pickup. I can feel my neck reddening as we speak!
                        3. CAD files for 571 Nautilus are now available (if you didn't already know)
                        4. Zero Bubble's new Delta IV kit reviewed! Spoiler alert! I like it! Purchase from the Drydocks here. I've got one in stock right now.
                        5. Next CAD file offering will be a 72nd scale Skipjack set up for a 250/300/250 MSD SubDriver. Work is progressing well on a set of files for the Russian Typhoon!
                        6. New product! Kevin McLeod rigged up a new, heavy duty electronic switch for us to control any 2A load. It allows for a servo passthrough as well. This was designed to reduce the amount of wires in a SubDriver, eliminating the need for a y-connector with the pump and ballast servo. Just connect your pump wires, main power wires and plug in your ballast servo. Done! No programming or extra wiring needed. I'll have a video up on that shortly, and a product page for purchase as well. This would be a great upgrade for older SubDrivers!
                        7. A gorgeous Sheerline Trafalgar will be leaving the shop in the next few months. It's 90% complete, but I need to finish up the XXI first.
                        8. Speaking of which, I anticipate the big XXI to be ready to test and trim within the next couple of weeks.
                        9. Next DiveTribe Gathering is this Saturday at 8am Eastern. Stop grumbling! Get your coffee and join us for some submarine talk! Members only. Check it out here.
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                          Will there Jim Bob when do you get the mandatory stainless steel testicles hanging down from the back end gun rack mudflap installed and what's wrong with rednecks rednecks made this country great the fellow with the orange neck tweeted it will be!
                          looking forward to Typhoon CAD files and new msd equipt build too follow Im sure


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                            Man... keeping up is like running uphill pushing a boulder!

                            Lots of pokers in the fire, and now organizing the upcoming SUBFEST is yet another massive time commitment. All that said.. onward and upward!

                            I'm happy to say that progress on the big XXI is still moving forward. Basic functions are all completed now. I'm working on tweaking throws for the retracting bow planes. After that, it's a final bench test of all functions, then adding foam in preparation for trimming. It may look like a bowl of cooked spaghetti, but once I clean up the wiring, it will be neat and tidy!
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	XXI.jpg
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Size:	72.8 KB
ID:	141701

                            Thanks to his illustriousness, David M, I've got the prototype for the new 3" MSD SubDriver here. This one features a 3" motor compartment, a 3.75" ballast tank and a 2.5" battery compartment. It takes full-sized servos for the big boats and has a MONSTROUS air pump for the big ballast tanks.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200709_091235.jpg
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Size:	50.6 KB
ID:	141700

                            Getting Jason trained up on the ins and outs of casting parts. Here he is mixing up resin for more Skipjack fittings kits. He is working out really well so far. I've hardly had to beat him at all!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200710_123601.jpg
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Size:	62.9 KB
ID:	141699

                            Part of the manufacturing of those kits is spin-casting, which involves dropping molten metal into a spinning rubber mold. We needed to *******ize a blood plasma spinner for this purpose, and this is the result. I'm waiting on a new splatter shield to come in and we'll be set to go on that front!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200714_142730.jpg
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Size:	55.0 KB
ID:	141698

                            Also working on bringing production of our gorgeous 31" Nautilus kits in-house. These are pretty intricate model kits with tons of small parts and a tricky casting process for the hulls. This is one of the first pulls that met a tragic end when we were boxing up a huge model to go out and it got knocked to the floor. The good news is that prior to its death, it was a perfect pull, so we got the process nailed down.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200714_142754.jpg
Views:	134
Size:	56.2 KB
ID:	141697

                            A few cast metal parts for the 31" Nautilus model kit. The tiny dipper in that setup is not suitable for casting the props and metal parts for the Skipjack kits. I have a new one coming in the next few days that will allow faster and larger pours. Learning as we go!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200701_133337.jpg
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Size:	58.2 KB
ID:	141696


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                              Awesome Bob!


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                                As hard as I work, and as many things as I have going on, watching your pace sometime makes me feel like I have it easy. Manufacturing kits and parts ain't for sissies as they say. But hard work doing something that you love and have a passion for is simply the best.

                                Wish I could make it to the Subfest but not unless I pack up the motor home and take a long drive it isn't possible. I won't fly. I'll be there in spirit!