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YouTube Live today at 11:00AM eastern!

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  • YouTube Live today at 11:00AM eastern!

    YouTube Live starts in 25 minutes! Come join us for some LIVE RC submarine chat. Ask questions. Absorb info. Get smarter!

    11:00 AM eastern time, Saturday, January 18th.

    Today's topics include (but aren't limited to):
    -RC submarine radios
    -starting your first project - where to start?
    -waterproof servos revisit
    -some help at the Drydocks!
    -Monster Astute!

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    I'll catch one of these live some day......

    Couple of observations on the playback.

    Pretty much every supplier in the model submarine game I know is running it as a sideline, as a supplement to another income- sometimes.a pension or some other paid employment unrelated to modelmaking. Or the submarines represent a (small) section of a larger range of more conventional models.

    Regarding radio systems, can the manufacturers/suppliers you have dealt with supply a tuner module in JR format, plus a receiver. Or is it full transmitter sets only?

    Failing that, perhaps a DIY approach, where PCB boards could be made up, and a building service offered by approved techs to build a tuner module and receiver- this may bypass certain rules about supplying ready built modules commercially? This could also be produced in smaller batches meaning less outlay. As long as you can still obtain crystals, tuners are not difficult to make as they use basic components. With a module approach it also frees the modeller to use the set they choose, as module based sets start from about twenty quid and can go into hundreds if you want it to make the tea.

    This page is worth checking out- Micron were a well known supplier of kit radios back in the day.

    Kit radios became largely irrelevant once ready made sets started to come down to earth in prices in the 1980's. However for model submarines a kit built tuner module and receiver might have some relevance.

    Without reasonable easy access to low frequency kit the hobby will I think continue to contract. 433/458mhz is never going to be widely adopted, even here in the UK where you can operate it unlicensed, most modellers still stick with 40mhz as it's plug and play. In the rest of Europe it's completely banned, and in the US you need a HAM cert. 900mhz gives limited range.

    2.4ghz needs an extension to the surface, hardcore enthusiasts might be willing to use this, but I don't see it attracting new blood.
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