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Working with Foam

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  • Working with Foam


    I have an old school project that I am putting together. I plan on using either the pink or blue foam found in Home depot or lowes. I want to use the foam as a plug then inase it in fibreglass and melt out the foam.

    What I would like to know is what is the BEST glue to use to join the flat pieces of foam that are needed to be built up so I get the right thickness. Then I have to carve the edges.

    What will hold the foam without melting the foam OR also when the foam is dissolved, the glue spots won`t be causing problems?

    Thanks for the tips.


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    Epoxy or foam safe cyano.
    DIVE IN! Go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!


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      The "Gaito Method"
      I use construction foam all the time and use 3M 77 spray adhesive- just don't spray it on light coat on each side and let tack dry(a minute or so) press together, and its stuck!
      I make my stations from .005 aluminum flashing (also Home Depot) spray glue the photo copied paper frames onto the aluminum and cut out with a regular scissor. Then apply the frame to the rough cut foam (glue one sided light coat so it can be pulled apart later.) stack align and tack glue all frames together. Then just follow the frames with a hotwire cutter. pull all the tack glued frames and foam apart...then remove the aluminum. Re-glue and re-stack the foam sections only this time two coats (one coat each side) of 3M 77 and permanently bond them together.
      Also I don't recommend melting the foam-unless the subject is really small-it gets very messy and the inside of the finished product has this plastic mess inside it-just coat the plug with wax and parting agent-then just pull the plug out when done and it can be used as a work jig afterwards.

      I did my Pacemaker model that way-
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        Thanks Bob for the tips.