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What about the initial ballasting of a new construction?

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  • sgtmac1
    Thank you, I appreciate the help...

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  • SubHuman
    This might help, too:

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  • He Who Shall Not Be Named
    You want to place your fixed ballast weight as low as possible in the boat and massed longitudinally to get the boats center of gravity about center with the length of the boat. A boat your size: about 3-5 lbs. of lead should keep it from rolling too much. If you're pump jet is properly designed you should see a net rolling torque from it near zero going ahead, but it will roll you terrible when going astern -- hence all the fixed ballast weight.

    Use the Lithium-polymer batteries. Welcome to the 21st Century!


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  • What about the initial ballasting of a new construction?

    I am currently working on my 1/72nd scale VIRGINIA-class, the USS ILLINOIS, SSN-786 and I was wondering if there were general principles on setting up the ballasting of the sub. I have seen some r/c subs that seemed to have a ton of lead and a huge amount of foam and others that seemed to have very minimal lead with a small amount of foam. Where to begin? My boat is 61'' long and 5 1/2'' wide and I will be using a 3.5'' SubDriver with a gas system. I was wondering if the ballast area of the wtc should be centered in the boat with the battery forward, perhaps in the bow(not sure if I should use lithium or solid batteries)or does the wtc need to be fairly aft. Hopefully there are some beginners secrets that I can learn. Thanks