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Power Dolphin

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  • Power Dolphin

    I was in Best Buy last night to find a adapter for my New PC Screen, I did not know that you buy a Screen now and you need a DIV port on your PC to plug it in! But the Drone section is Booming, and I was amazed to find a Drone Sub. I pasted a link, if I done that right to a Video to check it out. They are promoting it to the Fishermen, help find fish and such. Other searches I did show some really Cool Drones for Underwater, one viewing a WWII Fighter plane!
    I can not help but think that our Hobby has something to do with this, these suckers are used for mapping, on board Cameras, just cool stuff.
    What one Man can do, YOU can do too!

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    Stays on the surface, so not a submarine. They do an earlier product called power ray, which uses an umbilical, so basically a consumer ROV that can work in salt water as well as fresh.
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      Bob you are right, does not have capabilities to Submerge and resurface, but it is untethered. Power Ray is tethered, and until last night I did not know they existed! Cool stuff, their will be a commercially available R/C drones that will be submarines & take Video, sink your enemies boats, save lives, help you find Fish. I believe it can be traced back to the R/C hobby & ROV technologies. I'm Sure the Military has some that would blow our minds if we new what they could do.
      What one Man can do, YOU can do too!


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        This link highlights a drone that does go underwater. It colts about $1,500 but that isnít much more than our subs.


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          Oh yeah, there seems to be an Abundance of them out their now, this one you found is tearthed too. More to the ROV side of things, may have been a good tool to help find that Missing Marlin Sub?
          What one Man can do, YOU can do too!


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            I was thinking that if you are hunting a lost sub having a rope tied to the rescue vehicle might not be a bad idea! LOL


            • #7
              Not Bad at all, I remember guy's rigging a rescue Buoy in the subs with a tether line that would unravel when a sub was down. Using a material that would dissolve in water after a time and release the Marker Buoy to the surface. Neat Idea, I think Dave did it before.
              What one Man can do, YOU can do too!