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Engel electronics help

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  • Engel electronics help

    engels u boat type ixd2
    i have been building this boat over years--fitting it in between work etc
    it is in the setting to work stage---all the hardware--engels electronics installed and coupled up
    it is controlled via a robbe f14 tx with twin sticks to a robbe fpr1118f rx-- the rx has an external battery--all 40mhz
    two metronics esc's --for shaft control
    three futaba solenoids one for twin rudder control
    the other two linked with a Y cable for control of bow / stern blades all the cable ends for the foregoing are inserted in the rx and all work as commanded by the tx so the tx / rx talk to one another as in more simplfied model boat
    it is fitted with an engels "tmaxv2" module for proportional control of the two ballast tanks i get indication lights on this when i power the external battery in the rx when i insert the three cable ends from this into the open slots on the rx nothing works at all and the two esc's flash red ie loss of tx signal to the rx
    also fitted is an engels "ltr5.3" pitch and depth control module
    the blades cable via the "Y" piece goes into this
    when the outgoing cable from the ltr5.3 is entered into the rx it has the same effect nothing works and the esc's flash red again
    it also has an engels magnetic on off switch which is not yet connected into the system
    the main battery and the rx battery have been fully charged or renewed
    the robbe fpr1118frx has eight slots--loaded as below
    8/b rx batteries
    1 twin rudders
    2 bow / stern solenoids
    3 stbd main motor
    4 port main motor
    5 cable k5 from tmaxv2 module
    6 cable k6 from tmaxv2 module
    7 cable k7 from tmaxv2 module
    dsc cable from ltr5.3 pitch and depth module--i do not know what "dsc" means
    the cable end coded k5 from the the engels tmaxv2 piston tank control paper work --k5 is the dive control switch--controls the engels ballast tanks--as per engels this should go to the tx's "" 3 position switch""--there are also "k6 and k7" cables ex the tmaxv2--these fine trim the u boat
    my conclusion at this time is that thef14tx ""is not fitted with a 3 position switch""
    but -- i have been wrong many times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all comments / help much appreciated
    best wishes
    hue city