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Assembling the Two Inch Diameter SubDriver Kits

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  • Assembling the Two Inch Diameter SubDriver Kits

    I have before me a D&E SubDriver kit obtained through the good graces of the Caswell empire and my overworked credit card. Carefully packed in bubble wrap and filled with baggies containing what seem to be all of the necessary fittings (less electronics), there is but a lone sheet of paper in the packing tube. If ever I can pry the ends off the SubDriver, I'm sure I can inventory the purchase. That, however, is the least of the problems... it appears there are no friggin' instructions.

    Is this yet another plot by the Wiz to humble the mere mortal who can but hope to assemble a SubDriver? Is this punishment for not paying full fare? We shall see...

    There are two unassembled cylinders of excellence awaiting guidance from his eminence, a 1:96 Type 212, and a 1:72 Type VII SubDriver. My hope is that these two fish can be caught with one line.

    What say, your eminence, are the steps to take in assembling your cherished SubDrivers? Prying the end caps off will certainly help get one started, but what, exactly should you do next?
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    Here's a video David made that's a good starting point for assembling one of his SubDriver kits. It's for one of the bigger SubDrivers, so there are likely a few variances with the task set & assembly order for the smaller WTCs, but it's still worth a look.
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