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Callin Dave M

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  • Callin Dave M

    Not sure my old email address for you is still good but I tracked you here.

    Back in 2006 you were helping me a little with a Matt Thor Alfa.

    The project and my health are back to life. Hope your health is good.:biggrin:

    I am installing small motors in the rear horizontal planes, these are
    pager motors as used by the slow fly / indoor flyer's. I am using a
    second speed control on a different channel and powering the whole thing
    with Lithium Ion Polymer cells, lots of amps moderate charge speeds and
    light weight in a seperate WTC forward of your WTC. The battery WTC
    ends up being just slightly positive bouncy, so any balancing tips other
    then what is in your instructions?

    The props in the Alfa kit were one pair straight and one pair with a
    pitch that is very high. Would it be possible to buy from you creeper
    props that would have a more workable pitch. The little motors want to
    spin at a higher RPM, ideally 2000 to 5000 and are quite powerful. When
    the sub is underway by the main motor do you see any trouble from the
    creeper props twisting the sub or will the opposite rotation of the
    props be a nuetral.

    About three years ago you helped a female grad student out here
    at Caltech with some hardware for her project, very nice. She was
    getting some machine work done in the same machine shop were I have
    privileges and I saw your work in the box with your name on it.

    Jeff Groseth

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    The pitch of the creeper-motor props is opposed -- net torque applied to the hull from the two little propulsors is zero, running (providing they are not run opposed) or stationary.

    Sorry for the delay in answering, I'm in catch-up mode with all my e-mails and site threads.

    Resident Luddite


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      Right and Thanks. I was pretty sure about the affect when running. My uncertainty was with them stationary affecting the sub underway on the main motor?