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DiveTribe Online Video Meeting - Discussion history

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  • DiveTribe Online Video Meeting - Discussion history

    This thread will be dedicated to documenting the topics that are covered in the Nautilus Drydocks DiveTribe Gatherings that take place every two weeks.

    The DiveTribe is a membership that entitles you to exclusive discounts, first peek at new products, upcoming events, and participation and later viewing of all of our bi-weekly online meetings. The collective experience there is astounding, and both experienced modelers and newcomers alike will find new information every time you come. Participation can be simply listening, or you can ask questions, share progress, get advice, or simply enjoy the friendly RC submarine banter.

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    January 28th, 2023:
    Today's topics (including but not limited to):
    • Gear pump availability
    • SUBFEST dates and locations
    • Project updates:
      • Giant scratchbuilt airplane,
      • German 212,
      • Seaview
      • 35th scale Disney Nautilus,
      • X-Craft,
      • hydrogen fuel cell sub project​

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    February 11th, 2023:
    Today's topics (including, but not limited to):
    • Drydocks project updates:
      • BIG plane model
      • Balao update
      • Upcoming 212 RC package
      • Bantam 250 cylinder for 77th scale Nautilus kits
      • two RC boats upcoming for sale
    • Body fillers - pros and cons
    • Potential Texas running venue
    • AGM batteries - what are they?
    • RC torpedoes - different styles and upcoming kit
    • CO2 for ballast systems
    • The Golden Flapper Award for 2023!?


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      March 9th, 2023:
      Today's topics included (but weren't limited to):
      • -Ongoing issues with MTroniks electronics
      • -Groton and SUBFEST events for 2023
      • -Matt Beck's Model Marine update
      • -Cylinder placement in model subs
      • -Epic intro from a new member - professional Monster Truck Driver!
      • -Using and updating the Sub Skipper Member lists
      • -Brushless motors and potential new source of low frequency receivers
      • -much more!


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        March 26th, 2023:
        Today's topics included (but were not limited to):
        • -Groton, CT event
        • -SUBFEST update
        • -Shop updates from the Drydocks (flame-throwing Batmobile!!)
        • -Freon in ballast systems
        • -waterproof servo passthroughs
        • -Dedicated servo power/BEC/Receiver power
        • -Capacitors for electrical noise reduction
        • -Hull finishing/prepping