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    Just received my copy of Bob Martin's Diving Deep, How to Build and Operate Remote Controlled Submarines.

    I think I have just about every magazine and book published in English on the subject, and I can categorically state that this is the most informative, user friendly, and perfectly structured treatise on the subject I've seen. A must-have for beginner and experienced hand alike. The supporting color photos, illustrations, and check-lists mesh perfectly with the text. There's no fluff going on here, content is identified as chapters, and each chapter gets right to it.

    My first read-through and, even I learned a thing or two. That admission alone should sell you on this book.


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    I agree. I picked up a copy. Its nice to all this info in one place and not having to search around for answers!


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      Hey David. Just saw your post and wanted to say that I totally agree with you about Bob Martin's book, Diving Deep. It's seriously the bomb dot com. I've read a lot of stuff on RC submarines, but this book takes the cake. The photos and illustrations are sick and the check-lists are super helpful. Also, have you checked out any literary magazines on the subject? I know it sounds nerdy as hell, but there are actually some really cool ones out there. They have all kinds of articles and stories about RC submarines, as well as other underwater stuff. Some of them even have sick photos and artwork. Anyway, hope you're still enjoying the book even though this post is quite old.​
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