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1/72 688 LA molds/kit

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  • 1/72 688 LA molds/kit

    Second to the last sub molds I am going to make. I don't have a lot of free time like I use to. Also making molds for a 1/72 Charlie II SSGN. Pic of the appendages and sail top. I will show the molds when I get those done. Showed how to make molds in the past so no big mystery there.

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    Here is a couple of pics of the first 688. Should have it done by this weekend. If anyone wants a kit put your name on the list as I am only going to make about 4 kits for sale before I put the molds up for sale. $400.00 + shipping.


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      Pics of sail with fairwater bellcrank


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        Pics of what kits consist of. Didn't take pic of plans but plans come with. Hull and sail made out of epoxy resin and 4 layers of 4oz cloth and 1 layer of 6oz cloth. Stern has steps molded in for the stern planes placement. Appendages I used Alumilite Alumires TC-3 resin. Real strong.


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          Good looking kit, Tim. I encourage those interested to act on this offer while it lasts. A 1/72 LA cruising around at the lake will present a lot of gravitas.

          Sorry I've been off the radar-scope the last couple of week, Tim, I'm getting over a terrible bout of the flu.

          Guy's, I have one of Tim's kits here, and the glass-work is excellent!

          Resident Luddite


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            Ok Tim, add me to the list.


            • #7
              Thanks guys. I have the first 688 kit boxed up and ready to go. There is scribe details in the hull just hard to see in pics. I have another guy that wants a kit. I only had enough casting resin to make 5 boats. The 688 takes a lot more time to make. That hull bulge that runs the length of the boat and the stern plane steps take extra work to do. I use epoxy mixed with fiberglass powder to lay down a coat of that for a gel coat before I start laying glass. I will make the molds for a 1/72 Charlie II before I retire. Odd is the Charlie I was my first scratch built boat and that was always my favorite.


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                Bob Eissler. Haven't heard from you in a long time. This first boat I am showing will be up for sale as well as kits. Sold the first kit already. Here is my idea of how to control fairwater planes. Always good to have rc airplane parts laying around.


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                  Here are pics of the 688 made from one of my kits. Haven't used steel wool yet to even out black paint. Haven't opened up flood holes yet. Pic shows the rudder and stern planes yokes. 688 has some serious rudder so this boat should turn on a dime. I have already sold one kit. I have one kit boxed up and ready to ship. I am only to make one more kit for sale and that's it. After that the molds go up for sale. $450.00 shipped for a 688 kit and I take paypal. If any of you non sub driver members want a kit you can contact me at


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                    Last boat I am making from the molds. Used a PE set from another 688. Enjoy
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