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New to this hobby, new to 3d printing

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  • New to this hobby, new to 3d printing

    Hello folks, name is Mike Forsblade. Been flying RC for 40 years, jets, helicopters, racing planes. I love RC submarines, and would like to get into this side of the hobby. I want to 3d print my submarine, but never, ever used one. I just bought a Ender 3 s1 pro. I have no clue how to use, set up or print. Have a made a good choice with the Ender 3 pro? Can someone that’s printed before walk me thru the process? I installed Cura to my laptop, but still have to inbox the printer. Eventually, will would like to print several hulls. I appreciate very much any help , currently living in Central Florida, moving here from Houston, TX.

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    Watch these setup videos for that printer.


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      Steve Hodges uses that printer extensively. His contact info is available to DiveTribe members on my site at